A Detailed Look Into Phantom Pain; Possible MGS 5

The recently concluded VGA has left us with an impressionable trailer, known simply as “Phantom Pain” it is believed that said game is more likely to be Metal Gear Solid 5. After doing thorough research and gathering infromation from various sources accross the internet I have compiled a complete list of similarities and possible hints on the true identity of Phantom Pain or better yet prove how the latter is possibly if not conclusively MGS 5! While this is all the work of speculation and guess work almost all of the evidence gathered does seem plausible and indeed has been backed up by strong facts.

Could Phantom Pain be Metal Gear Solid 5? Let’s dive in an find out.

Lately the internet has been taken by storm over the appearance of Phantom Pain, a mysterious trailer that premiered at this years Spike TV VGA’s, while the trailer looks like nothing at first glance you can only wonder on the similarities that stand out once you look between the lines. Let’s get this started shall we?

I would first like to give credit to the extremely inquisitive and investigative people over at NeoGaf who are burning the midnight oil behind this mystery. I am merely sharing their findings.

Look at the scars on the both of them. No doubt that this is Naked Snake.

(You can view the full image in full resolution Here)

Now the next screen is for those of us who played MGS 3 and know the last boss fight, If you look carefully the person with the prosthetic arm is trying to reach for the white petals, which is the same place Naked Snake had his battle with The Boss.

Naked Snake putting an end to The Boss at the end of MGS 3, notice the white flower petals.

And here are the same white petals yet again.


You can view the above images in full resolution by going Here and Here respectively.

Now let’s get down to the burning man who appears later in the trailer, at first glance it looks like nothing but once again lets take a trip down memory lane to the antagonist of Metal Gear Solid 3; Colonel Volgin.

Notice the similarities, same muscular structure and the same leggings. Whether Volgin is dead or live is still a matter of opinion, some argue he is a hallucination others argue that he is the burned man in Metal Gear Solid: Grounds Zero. While there isn’t any concrete evidence to support either of the statements all we can really do is speculate.

Look closely at his legs and compare the orange part on the right with the next picture. I’d say its a perfect match.

Colonel Volgin, notice how the right legging is similar to that of the burning man above.

Once again you can view the above images by going Here and Here respectively.

Now when NeoGaf member Wario64 pointed out a mysterious Sweden studio suddenly making an appearance there was another striking Similarity.

Notice the name Joakim Mogren. Now let’s go CSI on this name (You can view the above image by going Here)

Joakim is indeed Kojima when the letters are played around with.

and Mogren (incase you can’t see it, I made the middle name of M – ogre – n bold) Project Ogre was a secret hush hush project of Hideo Kojima he teased about earlier last year.

You can’t tell me that the name doesn’t set off bells in your head? the similarities are too uncanny to pass off as a random occurrence and honestly isn’t the appearance of a new studio by name of Moby Dick Studios a bit of a mystery? Prior to now has anyone even heard the name of these guys before?

Now enough of pictures and lets get down to bare bone basics, upon the findings of a Reddit Thread It can be concluded that the similarities keep coming.

If you are a fan of the Metal Gear Solid would probably know about Les Enfants Terribles, a time where Zero took the opportunity to extract Big Boss’s DNA to begin the cloning process. And the trailer does mention the patient coming out of the comma which is also part of the a fore mentioned incident:

In 1972, when Big Boss returned from a mission in a coma, Zero used this opportunity to extract DNA from him.

This can NOT be a coincidence can it?

Now this is where the plot thickens, while the reddit thread indicates that Psycho Mantis COULD be responsible for the attack on the facility thanks to the below image, there is one problem with that. Psycho Mantis was only 2 years old at the time of Les Enfants Terribles. I am sure that no infant would be able to do what the person in the below image is doing. Let’s also not forget that Psycho Mantis didn’t become who he is until the year 2000 when an interrogation went haywire and his true personality was lost to that of the psychopath he was interrogating.

it is also believed that the person in the below image is behind the hallucinations of the giant flaming whale and the horse.

Look DIRECTLY Above the gun, do you see a hovering figure? It can only be Psycho Mantis but at the same time it can’t be him.

The above image can be viewed Here

For some reason Dr Kio Marv was also present in the trailer. His role is not known yet as the Wiki doesn’t mention him being present in the era in question.

Once again you can view the above image Here

Now a mystery, who is this figure?

The next image is a bit more surprising as we see the return of a forgotten face, remember Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid 1? Well it looks like someone LIKE HIM could be in the trailer too, but to me at least the resemblance is almost uncanny.

You can view the above image Here, I know that the timeline may or may not fit but you have to admit that they do look a like.

Now there is a frightening rumor that there is a reason Metal Gear Solid V is in the roman numeral 5 rather than 5, Every MGS game till now has been in proper numeral form, there is now speculation that the V COULD stand for Metal Gear Solid: Vita.

Upon further investigations it appears that Moby Dick Studios just appeared out of the blue, here is a copy of their WHOIS Courtesy of this Reddit post:

As you can see the studio didn’t exist until November 19th 2012, currently these are all the cumilative findings of the combined efforts of Reddit and NeoGaf forums, As soon as more information is available I will surely update this.

state: active
holder: jesper4041-17246
admin-c: jesper4041-17246
tech-c: jesper4041-17246
billing-c: jesper4041-17246
created: 2012-11-19
modified: 2012-11-19
expires: 2013-11-19
dnssec: signed delegation
status: ok


More Information and pictures unearthed by NeoGaf

First we have a set of tweets from Alex Ruben (@alexruberns) who noticed that Phantom Pain developers Moby Dick Studios employees were actually Konami Employees wearing Moby Dick Studio T shirts.

Here is a picture of the collected tweets:

And here are the tweets in order of first to last:


It is worth mentioning that the person on the right in the middle tweet is Kyle Cooper; a Member of KojiPro who is responsible for the title sequences of Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3. Alex clearly points out how none of the developers are the least bit Swedish and how people of the Konami party are wearing Phantom Pain / Moby Dick Studio T-Shirts.

It has also been confirmed that the soldiers in Phantom Pain are the same ones in Grounds Zero:

The similarities are uncanny.

You can view the above image in full resolution Here

Another evidence has come to light that Snakes companion in the trailer might be the man with the burned face:

Once again, two mysterious faces with no indication as to who they are.

You can view the image in full resolution Here

And last but not least we see the plot significantly thicken as there appears to be another Naked Snake? There is another burning man in the image who until now was a mystery, much like Volgin his attire suggests that it could be a familiar face or perhaps even something more:

Once again, observe the leggings. They are the strongest indication. But if this figure is Naked Snake then who is the man with the prosthetic hand? Is this part of Snakes hallucinations?


In Conclusion here are the findings of both parties:

  • Definitely takes place in the 1970’s.
  • Naked Snake could be the protagonist.
  • Colonel Volgin may or may not be alive and possibly the antagonist.
  • Gray Fox COULD be in the game but again its a MAYBE!, the identity of the mysterious companion is still a mystery.
  • Psycho Mantis or someone similar to him in terms of power, Although my money is on the figure being “The Sorrow” (Which would be a better fit to the time line than to believe a 2 year old Psycho Mantis)
  • This is definitely the start of the cloning process; the birth of Solid and Liquid.
  • Could be MGS 5 BUT might also be MGS Vita. No MGS game has ever used roman numerals in the name, this means that V could not mean 5 but COULD mean Vita …
  • The flaming whale / horse are all parts of the Hallucination as the words “open your eyes” are slightly audible and are repeated a couple of times in the trailer by text.
  • Naked Snake may or may not lose his arm, but this is definitely him because of the scar / White Petal pictures.
  • There are still some mysterious figures in the picture. Who they are will be a mystery until further evidence comes to light.


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