The Two Ways to Play Dead Space 3; Dementia or Sanity, Choose Wisely

While Dead Space 3 got a new trailer showing some gameplay footage the other day it seems that another made its way on to the other internet from EA showing The Two Ways to Play Dead Space 3, You can either assume the role of Isaac Clarke; the protagonist of Dead Space 1 & 2 who has finally conquered his dementia over the visions of his deceased girlfriend Nicole and has now become more immune to the effects of the marker to where he will be able to help his companion through his treacherous journey of sights and sounds that are never there, if you prefer the whole dementia / visions scenario you can play as the new blood of the series; John Carver, a man working his way to get to his family amidst the new necromorph outbreak.

Better yet you can play as both in coop (online and offline with drop in supported).

We see The Two Ways to Play Dead Space 3 in the newest trailer released by EA. Be careful which side you choose though, you know what they say about the road less traveled.

While 2013 is slowly creeping up on us it seems that the protagnoists of Dead Space 3 have worry about other things creeping up on them, Dead Space 3 will be a game changer in the series as this is the first time we will be able to witness the fall of a society as it happens during a fresh necromorph outbreak, where Dead Space 1 & 2 took place after the outbreak or in its late stages it seems that Isaac is unwillingly thrown into Tau Volantis, the ice planet by his captors who seem to have Ellie as a hostage and John is on said planet to save his family both of whom have to fight the hordes of necromorphs to attain their goals, but will the both of them be able to keep their heads together or will one of them snap?

As you can see Isaac has clearly faced his demons and cleaned out the skeletons in his closets as he seems to be on the helping end of John Carver who is now facing his dementia’s. You can either be Isaac Clarke and face the game with just the full on force of the necromorphs or add double the trouble by going as John Carver and adding your dementia to the mix and making it even more unpredictable. You can also do offline / online coop with the latter being online but will be drop in / out and will allow players to join the others story at any point in the game without having to wait for a checkpoint or a new stage.

You can expect to undo the effects of the marker once more on February 5th 2013 for the PS3 / Xbox 360 and PC

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