Samsung Announces Galaxy S II Plus

Samsung currently reigns over every smartphone maker with the highest market share. Beating both Apple and the long reigning champion Nokia for the place. Galaxy devices from Samsung take cake for the job, not only are the Galaxy smartphones powerful than their competition, they are also extremely popular. The great success of Samsung started with the launch of the Galaxy S II smartphone, it offered the best performance and price in it’s time. It still offers best value for money and is one of the few powerful dual-core smartphones around.

Samsung are known for squeezing a bit too much from their smartphone. And it’s Galaxy S II’s turn now. Samsung decided the cash the already aging name of the Galaxy S II by officially launching the Galaxy S II Plus smartphone.

The Galaxy S II Plus retains the design of it’s predecessor, but offers a slightly different chipset. The Galaxy S II Plus packs in a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, clocked at 1.2GHz, 1GB of Ram and a Broadcomm GPU. The rest of the specs remain the same as the original Galaxy S II so you are looking at a rear 8MP camera capable of Full HD video recording, 2MP front-facing camera for video calls and 8GB of internal storage expendable via microSD card slot. It is based around the same Super AMOLED Plus display of size 4.3-inch and 800×480 resolution. Connectivity options include 802.11abgn WiFi, HSPA+ and Bluetooth 3.0+HS.

Samsung threw in NFC support aswell, that will be available on the I9105P SKU which makes the phone slightly thicker at 8.9mm as opposed to 8.5mm on the original I9105 Galaxy S II Plus. The battery on both models is the same 1650mAh as the original Galaxy S II.

Overall design of the phone remains the same with the exception of Samsung opting use ‘hyperglaze’ plastic already seen on the Galaxy S III. The phone will be available in Chic White and Dark Blue colors. The Galaxy S II Plus will run Android Jelly Bean with Samsung’s Touchwiz UI, packing all the useful features and perks that came with the original Galaxy S III including Smart Stay and Page Buddy. Unfortunately, the price or the launch date has not yet been revealed.

Source: Gsmarena



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