PlayStation 4 Hardware & Controller Analysis

With the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on it’s last legs we can’t help but to wonder about their successors. Both the consoles have been around for almost 7 years and and made history. Although as powerful as both devices were, they simply cannot run latest game in their full glory. With that said, it seems our prayers are answered by Sony. Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox still remains in the shadows.


Sony has just unveiled some astounding details on their upcoming Playstation 4 console. Sony has detailed the upcoming Playstation 4 console. So hang tight with your geeky hearts and scroll down below for a full analysis of the Playstation 4.

Hardware & Specs

As earlier rumors suggested, the Playstation 4 features a PC-like architecture. It packs an x86/x64 AMD’s Jaguar core based processor, which is based off the latest 28nm manufacturing process. The processor itself is an APU, a rather low-powered one mainly aimed at notebooks and tablets. The processor features a custom-design with it churning out 8 cores at best. The chip runs at a clock frequency of 1.8GHz with 2MB of L2 cache. The down-side of the low-powered processor in the Playstation 4 is that it includes AMD’s Piledriver based Trinity chips. 8 cores might sound massive but the performance of these chips will remain mediocre at best. But we have seen developers squeeze out much potential off 7 years old chips, so the Playstation 4 is good for the go. Atleast now.


The Playstation 4 also packs 8GB of GDDR5 memory. Most people might mistake it with normal memory but its not. The answer to that is ‘Unified memory’. Basically what it means is that, the 8GB of GDDR5 memory will be shared across both the system and the graphics chip. The memory itself seems massive and will do much good when gaming on higher-resolutions but only if the CPU doesn’t bottleneck and the GPU itself should be powerful enough to churn out enough VRAM buffer to handle it. Ofcourse Sony must have thought it through so the PS4 is all set to go.

The GPU on the Playstation 4 has AMD branding and packs 18 Compute units and 1.8TFLOPS of single precision performance. The memory clock is set at 5.5GHz and churns out a bandwidth of 176 GB/s. It might sound impressive but the GPU is a mainstream product in the PC scape. The GPU packs a total of 1152 stream processors which is a little higher than AMD’s current mainstream GPU HD 7850 standing at 16 Compute Units. The PS4 will also feature the latest DirectX 11.1 compatibility, allowing for rendering of High-Resolution textures, Tessellation, DOF and other graphically intensive tasks. Considering it is a bit better than the HD 7850, the GPU in the PS4 will certainly run games at their very best but don’t expect 60FPS on and after you hit 1080p.


Analysis by PCGamer concludes that a similar costing PC will outperform the PS4. The price has to be right this time, Sony initially sold the PS3 at a much higher price but it was justifiable because the entire system costed them $900. Regardless we expect the price to be reasonable this time, early rumors suggested a price point of around $400 or $500. There is still no info on the price but it surely won’t exceed $500.

The Dualshock 4 Controller

The Playstation 4 will come with a newer iteration of dualshock. Sony has also mildly changed the design of the the controller. Regardless it looks impressive as it is. The front of the controller features a textured black touch-screen and on the back we have light bar which helps in identifying players. The controller also packs a dedicated headphone jack.


The controller moved away from the dualshock 3’s highly criticized convex triggers, to our relief the triggers on the dualshock 4 are straight. The L1 and R1 buttons are also comparatively large and rounded, which aids in improved usability. Sony also gave-away with the traditional ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ buttons in favor of the ‘Share’ and ‘Options’ button on the upper side of the controller. The share button will be mainly used to access the console’s social features and PSN profiles, while the options button will be simply that of in-game menu. The D-Pad buttons on the dualshock 3 are slightly bigger and angular. The new D-Pad design aids in better usability and better grip.


Release Date

There is still no word on the launch of the Playstation 4, Sony wasn’t specific in naming a particular date. But they did confirm that the console will be available in the holiday season of 2013. As far as price is concerned, there is no word. But many sources claim a price-point of around $400. That should give you something to go on.

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