Performance Of The AMD HD 8970M Unveiled With The MSI GX70 Notebook

AMD’s Radeon HD 8000 series were delayed, because AMD was looking to extract an ounce or two from their current GPU lineup. Although officially no details were shed, but the rumor mill kept the pace going. It was indicated back in January that AMD is working on a new mobile GPU based on the upcoming Sea Islands GCN 2.0 architecture codenamed “Solar Series”. The HD 8970M has again made it’s appearance known.


Part of the new GPU has been leaked in performance slides of MSI’s upcoming GX70 G-Series notebook. According to the information, the GPU is codenamed ‘Neptune’ and would ship with the MSI’s GX70 high-performance notebook that also features the flagship A10-5750M Richland mobile APU. While the APU also features a HD 8650G iGP, MSI went ahead with a discrete graphics solution from AMD. The Radeon HD 8970M is meant to be the fastest single-chip mobile GPU in AMD’s ‘Sea Islands’ GPU lineup. Let’s see just how fast the GPU is.




In the performance slides, the HD 8970M is pitted against NVIDIA’s GTX 680M and proves to be almost 7.5% faster in 3DMark 11 performance mode. The slides also include other ‘Sea Islands’ mobile chips including the performance oriented Saturn XT and Saturn Pro and Mainstream Venus XTX chips which are on average 10-20% faster than the NVIDIA’s GTX 675M GPU. It’s worth noting that MSI kept the faster NVIDIA GTX 680MX and GTX 675MX out of the comparison but we expect the HD 8970M to be their equal or just a wee bit faster.


AMD and MSI didn’t indulge in the specifics much, seeing as how MSI got to advertise the GPU with the their latest gaming notebook, their launch may not be far away. The slides also gives a glimpse of the Richland APU’s prowess over it’s predecessor Trinity. As far as launch of the HD 8000 series is concerned, AMD is expected to unveil their Sea Islands GPU lineup sometime in Q4 2013.

Source: Videocardz


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