Wii-U Succesfully Hacked by WiiKey Team?

The day that (what I am sure) many fans have been long waiting for has finally arrived, albeit the team behind the venture was different from the one that actually accomplished the “hack”. Previously it was “fail0verflow“, the people behind the PS3 hack, who were bent on bringing the Wii-U to its maximum potential. While Fail0verflow has gone a long time without a notable update regarding their progress on the hack, another team, WiiKey, has taken credit for successfully allowing back-up games to be run off the console, sadly no region lock removal.

Wii-U Succesfully Hacked by WiiKey Team? Good or Bad for Nintendo? Will studios abandon ship?

The Wii-U has long been in the market and due to the lack of variety in launch titles (and even current titles) as well as many other problems that developers are facing in developing for the Wii-U, Nintendo’s system wasn’t doing as well as its predecessor in the console race.

All that is about to change with the WiiKey-U, a product courtesy of WiiKey, the first team to have successfully hacked the Wii-U. The features of the WiiKey-U are as follows: (Courtesy of GameChup)

  • Play your Wii U and Wii games from any USB media!
  • Compatible with all Wii U models and regions
  • User friendly intuitive interface
  • No soldering required
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports most popular file systems, including EXT4/3/2, Max OS X, and NTFS
  • Powerful embedded Linux system
  • High-speed USB2 interface
  • Firmware and FPGA fully in-system updatable from USB media
  • Recovery mode – it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
  • Stylish USB remote with powered USB hub and charger function
  • Bulletproof high quality hardware (not manufactured in China!)

According to WiiKey’s official site, they proudly proclaim:

WiikeÜ – Its True!


Yes, its real – we have now completely reversed the WiiU drive authentification, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for this next generation K3y. Stay tuned for updates!

Sadly the hack isn’t as successful as the Wii’s hack, the current Key will only allow back up games to run and won’t allow homebrew or allow region unlocking, which in my opinion is a huge hindrance to the gaming industry at large.

Personally I would love to see a video to make sure that the hack is indeed the genuine article.

Do you believe that this will be good news or bad news for the Wii-U? On the plus side, Wii-U sales will probably sky rocket and hence help improve the install base to encourage developers to support the console, but on another side piracy is still a major complaint of a lot of developers.

Now that the “hack” has finally become a reality, do you want to pick up a Wii-U now? Will Nintendo start picking up the banhammer and follow suit with Microsoft and Sony to help cut down on the pirates?

Sources: WiiKey & GameChup

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