Bethesda Has Filed a Trademark for Fallout 4, Announcement at VGX?

Bethesda has gotten the entirety of the internet riled up with the suspense of a new website that appeared out of the blue called TheSurvivor2299, which allegedly is a sign that Fallout 4 is now more than ever imminent. To help add further excitement to the fans, Bethesda has just registered the Fallout 4 Trademark with a European Registration office (much like Valve and Half-Life 3)

Do you think this is a well orchestrated hoax by a group of people who are looking to take advantage of the next gen hype being created by the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4? Could a Fallout 4 teaser be happening at this years VGX?

Fallout 4 is currently a hot topic on every fan’s mind, are they aiming too high or just right?

There are times in our lives where we have to be able to discern when somethings are either too good to be true or whether they are really part of the itshappening.gif part of your gallery.

TheSurvivor2299 has certainly gotten the entire fanbase of Bethesda games in a HUGE uproar, and after the tremendous and astounding success of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC it was only time for the fans to begin drooling over the possibility of a new Fallout game.

The site has been through a mysterious series of events and is almost proving to be too true for its own good. Currently, the site is doing a count down till the 11th of December if I am not mistaken, and to help make things more interesting, Bethesda has already filed a trademark for Fallout 4.

Do you believe in the possibility of a new Fallout game? I am hoping that they make something that will be on the same level of Skyrim if not superior considering the constriction of Skyrim being set in a time where futuristic weaponry isn’t applicable, but the amazing job done on Skyrim, if applied on Fallout can lead to massive amounts of fans going excited beyond expectations for a long awaited sequel.

What do you think? Is this going to be another instance of the boy who cried wolf, or is this something real? Personally, it has been too long since Fallout: New Vegas, so if this rumor does prove true then I will be more than glad to hand over all my bottle caps to Bethesda!

On a finishing note, earlier this year the voice of Three Dogs (Erik Todd) teased about Fallout 4 and it suddenly disappeared in the wind, and he does another tweet today

As another added bonus, the brilliant people over /r/fallout have compiled a list of their findings in a handy document, take a look and see what has been found out thus far regarding the site, you might be surprised by what you find!

You can view the doc by going Here

Source: Oami-Europe

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