New Screenshots of Infamous Second Son Shows Off Some Real Power

Infamous Second Son is an amazing game that shows the retrurn of a familiar IP but with a different protagonist, with the spotlight shifting from Cole to Deslin, it is only up to the imagination as to what Infamous Second Son will do once it is at it’s full potential, considering all the details and footage we have seen thus far, we are looking at a well polished game and something that will truly help live up to the famous name of the infamous series.

The latest series of screenshots not only boast the earlier mentioned Neon abilities of Deslin but also show off his other powers.

Deslin is going to be taking center stage, but will he have what it takes to fill in Cole McGraths electric shoes?

After having a trio of games on the PlayStation 3, the infamous series is anything but under the radar, While many gamers were surprised over Sucker Punch’s decision to using Deslin as a protagonist to Second Son (even though the ending of 2 really questioned the hope for fans to have a sequel).

Infamous Second Son follows the trails of Deslin, unlike Cole’s electricity, Deslin’s base powers will rely on smoke and fire, allowing him to be a formidable foe against the DUP (Department of Unified Protection) who are bent on eliminating “conduits” aka people like Deslin.

Enough with the talk, here are some New Screenshots of Infamous Second Son!

I for one am totally pumped for Infamous Second Son and have high hopes for it!

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