Crysis 3: Welcome to the Jungle

Crysis 3: Welcome to the Jungle
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Crysis 3: Welcome to the Jungle

Back in 2007, Crytek managed to make millions of PC gamers across the world rage in fury over their inability of being unable to run “Crysis” at their “highest settings”, Crysis was a game that truly set apart the world of graphics and brought the “mightiest” of the rigs at the time to their knees until the advancements in graphics and processors later down the road that made the players capable of running that once powerful game as smooth as butter. The evolution continued with Crysis 2 but this time Crytek had expanded their reach from PC’s to the consoles in order to reach out to a wider audience, this venture proved fruitful and indeed rewarding to the studios and now with Crysis 3 we see the return of the familiar trend and we see just how stunning these graphics can be.


Crysis 3 is a continued tale of the exploits of Prophet, One of the main driving forces of all of the Crysis games. you team up with “Psycho” who hasn’t been seen since the original game and Crysis: Warhead and Prophet and Jester team up to stop the alien invasion once and for all, they are both at ground zero of the invasion, New York city, which has now become a giant concrete jungle with plants, trees and other foliage growing from the buildings, streets and other places in the city.

The story is very interesting at the start and definitely keeps the players immersed in a world of science fiction. You will find plenty of surprises and twists and turns along the way to keep you in suspense for the next big thing to come out and just surprise you! With Prophet being the protagonist and Jester helping to propel the story in a wonderful direction that keeps the game unpredictable you are bound to really like the story of Crysis 3. I highly recommend you jump into the game with this much information because any further details on the story might come off as spoilers to those who haven’t played the earlier games. I would highly recommend you catch up to the story of Crysis 3 by either playing Crysis 1 & 2 or simply reading the synopsis of both if you aren’t one who has time to spare.

The campaign will last you roughly 8-9 hours depending on your playstyle and difficulty, but with stealth I was able to do it in ~8 hours.

Game play:

The game is a mix of the two original games, there are plenty of places for exploration and the linearity of the predecessor is only in a few sections of the game but it is still there, but the exploration factor of Crysis was a great way to engage the players in finding more than one way to complete a mission which is a welcome change in this game, but there are certain moments where the player only has a single route to take in order to complete an objective or the mission itself. Players who engage in stealth are more likely to succeed in the game than those of us who have the itchiest of trigger fingers ready to go ape with a loaded arsenal of weapons on the unsuspecting enemies.

The newest addition to the series itself is the predator bow, unlike the previous versions of the “Bow & Arrow” we have seen in various games, this bow will be able to accommodate the player with a variety of styles depending on the holder, you can use electric bolts, explosive and even regular bolts among others to suit your play style and shape the environment around you to your comfort level so you never feel the predator bow is a needless drag on a player and it actually serves a VERY useful purpose, especially in those times where you want to feel like a Rambo and take out an entire Cell team strategically once you are tired of the gun play.

Players will still have the trademark nanosuit with the usual capabilities of speed, strength and armor to aid the player through his journey of New York. Along the way you can add enhancements to the capabilities of your suit depending on your playstyle but this time around the customization system is much more easier to handle than the previous games.


When you aren’t being taken aback by the better story being told you are definitely going to be frozen in your tracks as you take some time out to explore the enormous world around you and the magnificent graphical details in every bit of the environment. On the highest settings and resolutions this game looks life like to where you will even call real life a downgrade.

The strongest version is obviously the PC version which we will be talking about in detail in this review. Crytek released some pretty awesome fotages of the Crysis 3, as much epic as they looked like, my greatest fear was it to be a ‘Crysis 2.5’. Thankfully it didn’t. Crysis 3 features an open-world urban jungle, amidst all the destruction which is just beautifully displayed, Crytek also did a great job on the character designs.

The graphics are absolutely breath-taking, it makes even looking at grass in the game a joy compared to the real-world. Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli stated that the PC version of Crysis 3 will figuratively “melt down PCs” due to its highest image quality system requirements.

Which it easily did. The PC version of Crysis 3 requires a DirectX11 compatible graphics card. Crysis 3 utilizes some of the newest features of Cry-Engine 3 such as particle and volumetric fog shadows, improved vegetation, dynamic caustics and displacement mapping are just to name a few. Crysis 3 also utilizes a few new AA techniques, the game comes with support of MSAA, TXAA, SMAA and FXAA. Compared to a more taxing MSAA, FXAA is quite optimal and does the job extremely well. It does bring the best at their knees, but compared to MSAA, it is a more viable option if you plan on trying Crysis 3 at high image settings on a non-flagship GPU.

AA aside, the game is just freaking beautiful on the PC, it makes every other game out there to shame. As some remarked, ‘Crysis 3 is worthy of being called a true successor to the original Crysis’. PC version aside, the console footage I have seen I can safely say that Crytek did an amazing job in making the 3 versions of the game, but their primary focus and time was well spent on the PC version which in any case is the most superior of the 3.


The game is definitely more improved over Crysis 2, with a ton of more content added to the multiplayer in terms of game play, maps and the addition of a new game mode. The new changes will definitely keep you entertained after you have tackled the single player campaign of the game, unfortunately Crytek wasn’t looking to compete with other online FPS titles so the game doesn’t really hold the appeal that other games on the market or the respected platform offer, so you are bound to get bored of the multiplayer at one point or the other and go back to your previously favorite online FPS title on your current platform of choice.

The game offers plenty of cooperative and competitive gameplay modes and with each player equipped with a nanosuit you can only imagine the many hours of fun you can probably put into the game, but as I mentioned earlier the game just doesn’t have the magic to keep the players dedicated to it, some players might make this game their new addiction and replace it with a game they have gotten tired of but that is a very rare case.

Final Verdict:

Crysis 3 is the conclusion of the series, the end of an era and hopefully from here on out, Crytek will continue to make newer games and ones that continue to challenge the boundaries of graphics, story and gameplay. The Crysis series has always been more attractive to players as a “benchmark” of sorts, the game you play when you first build a new PC and you want to test out the strength of said PC to compare it with your friends or simply show off, beneath all that glitz and glamour lies a game with some good story to it and a mix of exploration and linearity carefully mixed together to cater to the needs of the gamers who wish to get the most out of their games.

The game has a ton of content in terms of single player and collectibles, once you are done tackling the single player of the game you can take your pursuits to the internet and battle it out against other nano suited players or take part in the new “Hunter” mode which is really fun. Over all you are looking at over a dozen of hours of content and even more so if you plan on getting the 100% achievements / trophies.

If you are a fan of the series and want a package consisting of a game with graphics, gameplay, a good multiplayer among other features that are surely going to pique your interests then I highly recommend you buy this game on the PC, I would strongly recommend the PC version as the engine is more optimized and no matter the settings you run it on the game looks absolutely stunning and truly memorable especially in some moments of the game that are truly magical. If you aren’t one for the keyboard and mouse and prefer the use of a console then the console versions are good but due to the lack of customization of graphics you truly can’t enjoy the graphical appeal of Crytek but you are still getting a good portion of it and a lot of the features of the PC version such as Motion blur and some absolutely stunning lighting effects, but to truly enjoy the experience I would highly recommend a PC.

Rizwan Anwer

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