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We at GamingIO are a bunch of everyday gamers with no big names behind us, who have built a successful gaming news site reaching over 50k visitors monthly and still growing. When we started out we had no idea we would grow so much, so fast. Even though we were shunned by Search engines and several hardware/gaming companies for being nobodies. There were always those good folks in the industry who did return our calls and offered their assistance.  There is yet hope for all of us.

Recently we wanted to offer independent developers and mod authors a place to cross publish their work but saw that we were vehemently opposed by established sites and forums. This is not a good thing for the community. We believe it should be no problem to for anyone to promote their own work/website etc and let the community decide what is best for them.  As such we have added our own forums with completely funded resources for downloads and tons of features for any author to showcase their work. Yeah, we don’t mind if authors want to publish their website etc along with.

We are looking for a driven online community specialist for gaming communities to join our team.

If you have past experience in marketing and building a community by reaching out to key communities both online and offline of hobbyist game modders, tech enthusiast and gamers as – well we need you.

We would like for you to come on board as a freelancer now and eventually be a partner.

Your task will involve:

  • Promote our forums and bring in good active members.
  •  Reaching out to Gamers, communities and enthusiast game developers/modders to join our forums and publish their work. Help them advertise, distribute and maintain their content.
  •  Drive growth of regular gamers, healthy discussions in the forums.
  •  Make GamingIO comunity the place to be for publishing gaming content, news and promoting it to a wide audience. Bring in experts in various areas to help the community.
  •  Come up with strategies and suggestions for improving as well as direction of the community experience by yourself.
  • Ensure that any self promotion is true to the expectation of the gaming community.

We are not offering much for starters so we won’t lie about it. However our proposal extends to include bonuses on performance and possible partnership as we progress. As of right now we are completely self funded with no income from our little corner of the web.

The performance requirements are very high and prior experience is a MUST HAVE. This your chance to take up a project that offers a lifetime success and ownership of your own work. No different from the rest of us. If you are awesome, then join us, take a chance.

To apply:

Contact us with the subject line being the position you are applying for.

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If you ever wanted to be part of a new forum that was starting out and be a contributor then this could be a chance. Want to just hang back and relax, discuss your gaming stuff with ease? We won't kill you with a 1000 page Rule book.

GamingIO forums is going to be the place where we can discuss everything (legit) under the Sun without looking over our shoulders. Community moderated and completely run by the members on what should and should not be there.

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